Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to UPLOAD image in Database

  there is main problem
how can i upload image in databse there is two way for uploading image in database

1.image uploading using blob
2.image uploading using folder

1.image uploading using blob

in this method  you have to create two files first upload.php and second is upload1.php.

<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

<table width="350" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="box">


<td width="246">

<input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="2000000">

<input name="userfile" type="file" id="userfile">


<td width="80"><input name="upload" type="submit" class="box" id="upload" value=" Upload "></td>






if(isset($_POST['upload']) && $_FILES['userfile']['size'] > 0)


$fileName = $_FILES['userfile']['name'];

$tmpName  = $_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'];

$fileSize = $_FILES['userfile']['size'];

$fileType = $_FILES['userfile']['type'];

$fp      = fopen($tmpName, 'r');

$content = fread($fp, filesize($tmpName));

$content = addslashes($content);




    $fileName = addslashes($fileName);


include 'library/config.php';

include 'library/opendb.php';

$query = "INSERT INTO upload (name, size, type, content ) ".

"VALUES ('$fileName', '$fileSize', '$fileType', '$content')";

mysql_query($query) or die('Error, query failed');

include 'library/closedb.php';

echo "<br>File $fileName uploaded<br>";



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