Friday, June 20, 2014

Aestan Tray Menu has encountered a problem WAMP SERVER

Aestan Tray Menu has encountered a problem

Make sure no other program conflict Wamp such as IIS,

Microsoft Web Deploy, Web Deployment Agent Service, SQL,

Skype, Zonealarm, firewall/antivirus, NOD32, Eset, any web

related program including Remote Desktop, Teamviewer or

Apache, MySQL, PHP outside wamp folder (ie. in Program

Files or System32 folder) ...

IIS and Apache/Wamp are both web server and might conflict

in some way, so you have to disable IIS in order for Wamp

to work

Disable IIS in Vista/W7:

Control Panel, Uninstall Programs, Turn Widows Features On

or Off, uncheck Internet Information Services

Disable IIS in XP:

Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Add/Remove Windows

Components, uncheck Internet Information Services (IIS)

Restart computer, then restart Wamp

Also, in folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc, open file

hosts and delete anything in this file and have only this

line below and nothing else localhost

If using Skype, open Skype > Tools > Options > Advanced >

Connection then uncheck "use port 80..." restart Wamp then


Try this: open file httpd.conf through wamp tray icon and


listen 80

Replace with:

listen 8181

In browser, use 'http://localhost:8181'
If it work, then probably your ISP block port 80



Try to install .Net framework Latest version.

Before Installing WAMP make sure that you uninstalled old


FOR 32 Bit windows

FOR 64 Bit windows


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