Friday, May 29, 2015

How to create JSON using data from MySQL database

How to create JSON using data from MySQL database

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is more preferred nowadays over XML as it’s lightweight, readable and easily manageable for exchanging data across various platforms.
we’ll see how JSON Data can be created from Employee table stored in MySQL database.

1. Create Employee table in MySQL database.

Create PHP file to read MySQL table and create JSON.get_json.php


 More Advance
If you want to create a API which Provide data on pass parameter then you can use following code:

The following code used in for parameter pass for geting data in json format




  1. This post is from 2015. Why are you using mysqli? mysql was deprecated long ago.

  2. this is a basic understanding for newbie who started programming in PHP in our new post we will post PDO and mysqli

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